X5 Southern Comfort Beige for Dummies

Be loaded with so much real fun with the most realistic 8 inches watertight dildo. It has a soft, smooth and flexible shaft that will provide you all the pleasure you require!

For an additional comfort, this dildo has a very powerful suction cup base for a ride which will enhance your libido.

With these attributes, at this cost, it is a sweet dildo deal.

Sculpted to look and feel like the real thing! This flexible 8" x 1.5" TPE dildo is about to go to work for you. Lube it up with your favorite water based lube, a phallic head and its textures are made to send you to Happy Town.

Grab his hefty balls, use the suction cup base on any flat surface for hands free action. And your X5 Southern Comfort Dildo strap-on is compatible.

So squeezable and flexible, the X5 Southern Comfort Dildo keeps its initial shape.

Hand sculpted for information that were realistic. Southern Comfort comes equipped with a suction cup base that adheres to any surface that is X5 Real Dong smooth and its harness compatible.

This dildo is flexible which provides you a great deal of room to play around. It's long and slender with a suction cup that is strong as well.

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